Accedo helps the world’s leading video service providers deliver and grow engaging video experiences. The company provides a combination of the products and services needed to support customers at every stage of the video business journey, from strategy and conception through to delivery and post-launch optimization. Over the past 15+ years, its team of global experts has developed a deep understanding of the video service ecosystem, resulting in a portfolio of experience-centric video solutions that enable clients to meet rapidly changing consumer expectations. Accedo’s customers include some of the world’s leading video service providers, such as Astro, Deutsche Telekom, Disney, Fox, HBO, NBC Universal, Netflix, and Telefonica.

Accedo One is a powerful SaaS offering that allows customers to rapidly build and launch video streaming services, without compromising on what makes their service unique to their brand. A product-led approach enables service providers to manage the complexities of their video business in one place. The platform leverages a modern microservice-based software architecture that allows for functionalities and features to be secured across technology components including online video platforms and analytics solutions. Open APIs enable partners and customers to evolve in tandem whilst ensuring collaboration and business growth for everyone involved.  

Accedo One means that content providers and broadcasters can rapidly and cost-efficiently launch video services across multiple devices and regions. It gives them the tools to continuously manage and grow their services to ensure offerings remain up-to-date.  

Accedo’s global UX and engineering specialists fully immerse themselves in clients’ brands and visions to design and build custom video experiences for any type of video service provider. Dedicated service management teams can own the day-to-day management of the video service, offering around-the-clock support while serving as a hub for the full span of integrated third-party vendors.