ATEME enables content owners, broadcasters and service providers to captivate their audiences – powering billions of viewers to enjoy the content of their choice. It provides solutions that transform video delivery, reduce churn and unleash monetization potential.

Whether you deliver content over satellite, cable, IP or terrestrial, ATEME continuously improves the audience experience while reducing your bandwidth and infrastructure requirements, delivering year-on-year operational costs savings using ATEME’s efficient and cloud-native video-delivery software solutions. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership, a lower environmental impact, and reduced customer acquisition costs.

Thousands of leading content and service providers around the world use ATEME’s multi-codec encoding, any-format packaging, scalable cloud DVR, content-aware CDN, and revenue-generating DAI solutions to enhance the audience experience, increase the value of their services, and facilitate growth.

ATEME is a future-proof partner you can count on to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s viewers. Its multi-award-winning R&D teams – which scored a unique-in-the-industry achievement earning three Technology & Engineering Emmy awards this year – have repeatedly innovated in fields ranging from visual quality to smart caching and analytics, churning one world first after another to deliver ever more value to TV service and content providers. ATEME remains at the cutting edge through active participation in forums and associations including DBV, SMPTE, ATSC, AOM, MPEG Streaming Video alliance, CMAF-IF, and 3GPP.

ATEME stays close to its customers, with teams at its headquarters in France and offices around the world: USA, Brazil, UK, Spain, Germany, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Korea and Australia.

Since January 2021 ATEME owns 100% of Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions.