Cantemo solves complex business problems in digital media workflows, collaboration, and management with highly customizable software with an intuitive interface. It provides tools that simplify the ever-increasing media management complexity. With the emerging trend of creation and use of video extending beyond traditional broadcast industries, existing media management systems no longer meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market. Cantemo empowers its users with highly customizable software with an intuitive interface. 

Cantemo’s flagship solution, Cantemo Portal, is like a warehouse of the ever-growing pool of video, audio, still images, and other forms of digital media. It provides fast search and playback no matter where your content lives in the multi-tiered storage environment, and it easily integrates with mainstream third-party tools like NLE’s, transcoders, distribution engines, and archive solutions. It has been built to be flexible and agile, meaning it can meet your needs, no matter your size, type, or video usage needs. 

Portal enables you to ingest all types of digital media in different ways to suit your own unique workflow. Media content can be easily searched and shared, as well as being able to export it to multiple platforms with ease. Portal can also be integrated with any number of archive solutions and enables automatic archiving rules.