Cerberus Tech enables its clients to deliver broadcast quality video using IP distribution. Its clients include major global players in TV, film and live events. Whether it’s a public service broadcaster, a pan-European telecommunications conglomerate, the oldest commercial network in the UK, senior feature-film producers or the latest live streaming from Silicon Valley, the need is always the same – reliable and flexible delivery of great content.

Cerberus Tech’s 24/7, 365 point to multipoint platform – Network 1 – offers primary distribution of linear content. A more flexible alternative to fibre and satellite that can still deliver content to the same destinations. Network 1 supports a range of stakeholders, from public service broadcasters, to global media giants, to premier league football teams. Cloud-based, flexible and cost effective, it offers set-up times measured in days and hours, rather than months and weeks and hardware options which suit all affiliate’s hand-off requirements.

For live delivery, Livelink is Cerberus Tech’s solution for occasional broadcasting or one-off live events. Recognising the need for a commercially viable, cost effective alternative to traditional satellite and fibre, Cerberus Tech developed Livelink to effectively deliver live content from rights owner to affiliate over the internet at scale. Offering a link for anything from 15 minutes to three days and requiring no physical infrastructure. Livelink is changing the way that content stakeholders move live content.

IP in broadcast is more crucial than ever and Cerberus Tech operates a global IP video delivery network. With the expertise to leverage the latest technology and deliver content anywhere in the world. Putting control of content availability into rights owner’s hands and the selection and scheduling of these services into the affiliates control allowing efficient use of resource. Cerberus Tech is at the forefront of harnessing the resilience of the public Internet with comprehensive, future-proofed solutions.