Decentrix, is a global advertising technology company with products and solutions for Media, Entertainment, Advertising, Brands and Telecommunications companies with a primary goal of maximizing revenue for advertising and content businesses.

Our solutions are deployed in many of the largest media and telecommunication companies in the world, delivering cross-platform planning, consolidated billing, scenario planning, inventory optimization, and Frictionless Trading. All with actionable analytics. An industry specific artificial intelligence engine (AI for Media) enables Decentrix to deliver revenue growth opportunities across all media advertising and content business models, including traditional linear, digital, addressable and mobile.

Decentrix executives have decades of experience in developing solution platforms for content and advertising deployment, ad agencies, radio and television groups, cable networks, MVPDs, telcos and digital media operators. They have designed, built and supported many of the transactional systems used by media enterprises globally.

This extensive knowledge of the business challenges facing an increasingly complex industry, has provided the foundation for our development teams to build our comprehensive enterprise platform, called BIAnalytix. This AI driven platform is targeted to optimize revenues in cross-platform business workflows for media-centric companies. Consisting of a comprehensive suite of applications delivered as a highly scalable SaaS Service, BIAnalytix can be rapidly deployed across any media enterprise, delivering a fast path to maximized revenues with unprecedented ROIs.

BIAnalytix, designed on a highly responsive autoscaling cloud architecture, can be provisioned across any global footprint of any media enterprise, with mobile deployments to sales forces and executive teams on any laptop, tablet or phone. The platform is designed to provide maximum flexibility for any media organization, enabling critical, timely and profitable decisions that optimize revenue in a rapidly changing cross-media marketplace.