iconik is a smart media management platform. You can store and share files and collaborate on projects whether you’re working alone or as part of a global team. 

The iconik API was a core foundation from the start. An API-first approach allows developers to innovate with a solid, proven API so that iconik can fit the exact needs of their organization. We share the same API’s we use to build the iconik service with our users—there are no hidden APIs. The iconik API serves as a platform so developers can build upon and integrate iconik however they need. 

iconik also features smart content recommendation to present content that is relevant to you. It curates assets that are new, popular, and trending, as well as assets that are similar to previously viewed content.  

iconik has also been built to be easy-to-use and intuitive, no matter the user. A simple web interface makes it accessible from anywhere, ideal for remote working. 

iconik features include: 
·     Auto-tagging metadata with Artificial Intelligence
·     Hybrid cloud capability to sync with both cloud-based and on-premise storage
·     Easy discovery
·     Simple workflows to share, edit, review, and approve media together – from anywhere
·     Full editorial workflows with easy access to your entire media library from Adobe products
·     Voice to text transcription