Insys Video Technologies is one of the fastest-developing video integration companies in Europe, offering comprehensive implementation of OTT projects. Insys Video Technologies provides a range of solutions and services enabling media companies to deliver and play live and recorded videos on any network, while keeping content secure and ensuring high quality. For over a decade, Insys has implemented online video projects for satellite providers, telecommunications operators, television broadcasters and motion picture distributors.

Insys provides truly end-to-end solutions, delivering everything that you need to launch an OTT service: knowledge, hardware, software, services, monitoring, and support. Services can be launched either on-premise or in the cloud, depending on your preferences and scalability needs.

Insys provides a range of ready to launch, complete whitelabel OTT solutions, tailored to different approaches. This includes:

Insys also offers a range of products for every stage of the OTT journey:

The Insys OTT tookit is a set of components necessary to build your own OTT solution.