IO Industries Inc. designs cutting-edge digital video equipment, including compact high-resolution video cameras and high-speed digital video recorders. From single-camera solutions to large, synchronized, multi-camera video recording arrays, IO Industries provides dependable, scalable and operator-friendly equipment that continually pushes the limits of digital video. Since 1991 we have focused on providing our customers with high performance and high quality solutions for all types of digital video applications. Our products are proudly designed and built in Canada, at our headquarters in London, Ontario.
Some of our areas of focus include:
Live Broadcasting: Our POV video cameras feature interchangeable lenses and advanced global shutter image sensors, are fully remotely controllable, and output multi-format SMPTE SDI video from HD-SDI up to 12G-SDI. Designed for live sports and event broadcasting as well as television and cinema production, these cameras are also ideal for virtual reality camera arrays.

Volumetric Capture: Our Volucam cameras, designed with the needs of volumetric video capture studios in mind, incorporate key innovations resulting in accelerated workflow, simplified studio configuration and reduced support time.

Industrial Machine Vision: Our industrial cameras with CoaXPress high-speed video outputs are used in a wide-range of machine vision and computer vision applications, from component inspection systems in electronics manufacturing to insect research platforms at academic institutes. High-resolution video can be rapidly sent to real-time image processing systems or uncompressed video recorders such as our DVR Express® Core 2 series.

Scientific and Aerospace Research: Our DVR Express® Core family of digital video recorders provide SSD-direct, uncompressed recording from multiple cameras using most popular video interfaces. These recorders are a scalable platform for long-duration video recording with no dropped frames.