MEDIAGENIX ranks among the top of tech vendors in the international media industry. Over 2000 linear channels and OTT/VOD services worldwide are managed with Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON. The team serves 120+ media groups across the globe from offices in Brussels, Singapore, Bangkok and Sunrise, Florida. 

Our purpose: we make memorable media experiences happen

To remain relevant in today’s world, media companies such as streaming services, radio and TV broadcasters and telcos need to create memorable experiences that engage their viewers. Creating such experiences at massive scale and towards a micro-segmented audience has become a highly complex task. 

Our promise: We make the lives of media companies easier. 

We help media companies make the deepest connection with viewers, by enabling them to offer the right content at the right time to the right audience on the right device, through whichever platforms and with whatever mix of business models that are best suited to achieve their aims. And we help them do that in a smart and smooth way.

Our platform WHATS’ON provides a configurable and pluggable ecosystem of connected content, content rights and data. This way the end-to-end content supply & value chain becomes data-driven and smart. With WHATS’ON media companies can match content supply and demand at the strategic and the planning level, while orchestrating workflows at the executional level. This enables major efficiencies and innovations, from content acquisition, rights management, planning and multichannel/multiplatform scheduling to content publication and smart analytics.