ModernTV brings an easily scalable and high-qualityIPTV/OTT solution to the market. It enables the distribution of live or VOD content through the vast majority of existing devices including Smart TV apps for Samsung and LG. Even though this market is very fast-moving, with dozens of increasingly powerful devices being released every year, ModernTV also provides support for prior generations of lower performance models. There is the ability to stream smoothly at low bit rates, which is especially appreciated in areas with less developed infrastructure or within mobile networks. For example, the stream in 4k quality can be streamed at only 5 Mbit/s and Full HD content at 3Mbit/s.

Every part of the ModernTV solution is developed in-house under one roof – from transcoding to end-user applications. The platform is designed with a high level of scalability and cost-efficiency, which are the main pillars of platform development. During this, the company draws from its extensive experience as one of the largest IPTV operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, from which the vision of ModernTV was formed – to bring the best practices in the operation of services to the development of the platform.

It offers also the possibility to accelerate a “go to market” strategy and enable fast growth of a subscriber base by the support of a multi-tenant business model that allows you to connect additional partners to your network. The partners of the main operator (e.g. ISPs) connected to the one platform can create their own channel packages, manage their subscribers, and have access to the reports related to their networks.