Object Matrix is an award-winning software company that has pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. It exists to ensure business continuity and to enable creative and production teams to effortlessly self-serve archive content from the office as well as from home. Object Matrix’s MatrixStore hybrid cloud storage platform encourages global collaboration, increases operational efficiencies by automating all data management tasks and empowers creativity through ease of access to media libraries. Object Matrix’s focus on the media industry gives them a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when protecting, processing and sharing video content.

Prior to forming Object Matrix, the three founding members were all busy developing object based storage technology for other companies. That was over 16 years ago, the technology was bleeding edge and a forerunner to many of the storage platforms available today.

The founders left to develop their own vision and they, like many others, foresaw the exponential growth in data volumes. However, the Object Matrix philosophy was not just built on the inherent scalability and interoperability of object-based storage but also the benefits it offers in terms of instant to access data and metadata. The flagship technology is ‘MatrixStore’, object storage software that provides protection and governance for the lifetime of any digital content. MatrixStore services organisations in many different spheres but today it is predominantly used by some of the world’s biggest media organisations (NBC Universal, France Télévisions, TV Globo, EDF, the BBC to name a few) that create, curate and distribute digital video content.