Open Broadcast Systems is revolutionising the provision of advanced broadcast technology, moving the industry towards a flexible, cost efficient, software-driven future. Its cutting-edge and end-to-end encoding and decoding software is accelerating the delivery of premium content over IP, improving quality at the same time as reducing costs.

The high-quality solutions developed by Open Broadcast Systems deliver services to millions of people every day, including many major sporting and breaking news events. Its solutions mean you can truly make the most of the efficiencies of IP delivery without compromise.

Open Broadcast Systems’ products adapt to the pressures and challenges of the modern broadcast environment. Agile solutions can be developed and installed in extremely short timeframes, using specialist software which run as apps on standard IT hardware. This offers full flexibility to add, or remove, software or services at any time, without needing to replace any of your equipment. With just one piece of hardware to handle multiple broadcast functions.

Open Broadcast Systems designs, manufactures and deploys IP contribution technology with the lowest ever latency. IP can greatly improve the workflow for content providers. Utilising IP for contribution is much more cost-effective than traditional means and also much more flexible, making it easy to adapt functionality as needed. This results in a significantly more efficient process prior to delivery, enabling broadcasters to deliver an increase in content to the end user and improve overall quality.