Qligent Corporation offers a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of media delivery. Qligent’s award winning Vision platform ensures broadcast content meets regulatory compliance such as closed captioning and audio loudness.

Vision monitors the performance of multiple signals, streams and systems across distribution networks from origin to headend to the last mile. Vision assures consistent QoE and service across any OTA, cable, satellite, IPTV and/or OTT delivery/distribution platforms. Vision Analytics leverages machine learning to predict conditions of media delivery that can help prevent churn and identify silent sufferers. Vision can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or via hybrid architecture. Featuring custom dashboards, intuitive trending, analysis, reporting, clip export, ad verification, content repurposing and compliance recording. Monitor by Exception with automated features. Additional specifics: QoS (IP, RF, Transport metrics TR101290/A78A), QoE (Black, Freeze, Silence, Loudness, No signal, Macro blocking), Compliance (Closed captions, Loudness, DPI triggers, EPG tables, Ratings watermarks, EAS) monitoring, SaaS, Cloud, Hybrid,  big data, metrics, ATSC 3.0, Lip-Sync, Audio/Video Sync, SCTE 35/104, Air-Check, esports, Analytics, Logging, Multi-Viewer, Multi-Screen, Stream Monitoring, Signal Monitoring, IP Monitoring, RF Monitoring, Audio Monitoring, OTT Monitoring, Machine Learning, Predictive, As-run overlay. Volicon replacement.

Qligent is introducing these innovative products this year:  
Event-based Dynamic Monitoring – changes the game for OTT service providers that produce and deliver live-streamed events with a solution that eliminates the expense and maintenance of a permanent monitoring infrastructure.
All-in-One Compliance Monitoring – allows OTA broadcasters to proactively address regulatory requirements and their own quality standards in one flexibly priced solution.
Predictive Analytics Suite – uses data mining and machine learning to provide key insights into content QoS and viewers’ QoE.