RT Software’s real time graphics solutions straddling overlays, VR and sports analysis are in use by broadcasters across the world such as Sky Sports, BBC and BT Sport in the UK, Eurosport in France, ARD in Germany and Fox Sports in Australia and New Zealand.

From developing the first Broadcast Graphics engine to include 3D techniques such as Per Pixel lighting and Custom Shaders to providing the graphics for the first 4K Broadcast in Europe, RT Software has always innovated and continues to be at the forefront of industry trends with offerings for IP and web based productions and distributed management and control of graphics.

Sports Graphics is a comfort zone having many years of experience. With solutions for Analysis, Virtual or Augmented Reality and in match graphics, RT Software can add real value to your sports broadcast.

On-air graphics are an integral part of a channel and crucial in differentiating from competition and engaging the audience. With the easiest to use creation tools in the industry, that are capable of delivering the most demanding graphics, RT Software has the products to deliver any on-air look.

If the aim is to create a full studio as a virtual element, or add augmented reality graphics in to a real studio, it demands the best possible integration between the real and the virtual and faultless technical competence. RT Software has that competence and can deliver it for your programme ambitions today.

With quality ensured from a high performance rendering engine tightly integrated with digital creation tools such as Max, Maya and Unreal, RT Software’s aim will always be to offer better looking graphics in an open and affordable way.