Ruptly, the award-winning global news and media agency, is bringing an emotionally charged debut documentary slate to markets this season. Highlighting the stories of people and communities from around the world, from overcrowded cities and battle-scarred warzones to the African savannah and deepest Siberia, no area of the human experience is left uncovered.

Highlights from last year’s programme include:

·     The Coca Trap, in which we meet the rural Colombian farmers whose livelihoods rest upon growing coca leaf, under constant threat from predatory drug traffickers as well as local authorities.

·     Dying Alone, an exploration of the Japanese phenomenon kodokushi, meaning ‘lonely death’, which follows the workers tasked with cleaning up the apartments of those who passed on with no-one to care for them.

·     To Be a Cosmonaut, which follows three candidates during the gruelling selection process to become cosmonauts, pushing their bodies and their minds to the limit, in hopes of realising their dream of touching space.

These documentaries are universal in their power to unite viewers around the understanding of what it is to be human, exploring unrecognisable contexts through the lens of emotions familiar to us all. All beautifully shot, written and directed by talented filmmakers, Ruptly’s slate offers a window onto entirely different walks of life; at turns informative, philosophical, inspiring and heart-wrenching, but always compelling.

As a content distribution agency, Ruptly is constantly seeking out previously unheard voices to bring their stories to the world. The agency’s presence at this year’s markets presents buyers with a diverse slate of documentary content that will add real world drama, emotion and humanity to any broadcaster’s offering.