RUSHWORKS, a provider of cool technology for production, playback and streaming, has added easy-to-operate, affordable systems for a broad cross-section of markets.

RUSHWORKS Puts the PTX Model 1L

RUSHWORKS PTX Model 1L PanTilt head includes a more powerful tilt motor and a larger L-shaped tilt platform for expanded compatibility with wider and heavier camera/lens combinations, including DSLR and mirrorless bodies like the Sony Alpha series and the versatile RX10 IV “bridge” camera with a 25x optical zoom lens.

BABYZOOMER:  Servo Zoom Control For PTX Model 1L and Model 2

BABYZOOMER works with a variety of non-power zoom lenses on numerous cameras. Ideal for RUSHWORKS PTX Model 1L, it accommodates cameras of varying weights and balances, including DSLR and mirrorless cameras for video production, larger cameras like URSA Mini, Canon, etc.  and is perfect with Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K.

RUSHDOLLY: New, simple-to-use interface and PTZ centering

Small, lightweight RUSHDOLLY for studio and remote operations, is fully integrated with RUSHWORKS VDESK, REMO and Ctrl+R Production Systems. A simple interface supports up to eight static or motion presets with sophisticated ramping and preset delay parameters. Mounted PTZ camera will center automatically on the target from throughout.

RUSHPROMPTER: Downloadable prompting software

Keeping it simple but effective, RUSHPROMPTER includes basic features for script creation and prompting. These include RTF and TXT creation, export and import, find and replace, real-time font size adjustment, variable line spacing, and individual character control of bold, italics, underline, colorize, and highlighting. Stand is available.

REMO NDI: Turnkey portable touch-screen PTZ/PTX/RUSHDOLLY Production System

REMO NDI system includes everything for quick multi-camera remote production, recording and streaming. Components nestle in two ruggedized travel cases with wheels and handle. It’s powered by All-In-One computer with 24” touchscreen and fast i9 processor operating on Windows 10 Pro with 1TB SSD storage.