Shotoku Broadcast Systems, an international leader in the manufacture and marketing camera support products is announcing additions, upgrades and enhancements to its manual and robotic platforms.

SmartPed Fully Robotic Pedestal – Absolutely Brilliant Navigation 

Shotoku’s SmartPed features Absolute Navigation, perfect for applications where referencing the fully robotic pedestal is inconvenient or the studio doesn’t accommodate floor tile reference positions. Now available, two optional additions depending on the environment:

·     AN-I – IP interface within SmartPed enabling it to interface to existing external optical tracking systems such as Mosys StarTracker or Stype RedSpy using the absolute tracking information to reference and adjust the pedestals own internal navigation systems. 

·     AN-S – provides a full integrated solution, including the optical tracking system for situations without installed optical tracking.

TG-18i Integrated Pan/Tilt Head – Self Contained, High Payload, Simple Connectivity

The TG-18i, provides a fully integrated head with high payload and simple connectivity.  Key features include perfect motion and full manual override with fluid damping – all in a new self-contained package. 

TR-XT Control System – Get the Picture!

The TR-XT Control System multiple enhancements:


The TR-XT offers a LiveView option with a secondary IP video camera to provide a wide-angle scene view for each camera. Operators can command new positions simply by touching a wide-angled live video view, smoothly repositioning the head towards the target.

Studio Zones 

Studio zones easily define areas where cameras may or may not travel,  avoiding no-go areas, potential collisions and ensuring safe operation. 

Full Automation 

In addition to pre-set shot recall, Shotoku’s enhanced automation interfaces allows full camera adjustment on-the-fly from external systems, including face-recognition and tracking systems.   

Manual Tripod

As Shotoku’s manual SX200/SX260 heads cross over to EFP, the new TTH1002C 100mm carbon fibre EFP tripod adds extreme rigidity, especially for longer lenses for sports and documentaries.