Tedial has launched a complement of significant enhancements to its award-winning MAM platform.


Fan engagement will increase when broadcasters deliver better, more vivid graphics resulting from the new integration between SMARTLIVE and’s cloud-based technology. Graphics can be inserted into the SMARTLIVE auto-generated EDL, reviewed in the player and then burned in when the EDL is flattened. This major development gives broadcasters the capability to enhance storytelling by layering graphics on top of highlights.

SMARTLIVE can now create sophisticated transitions between EDL segments – fade in/fade out, adding a dynamic element to highlights.

SMARTLIVE now also utilizes AI cloud technology detecting replay in LIVE feeds allowing SMARTLIVE to automatically complete a story, action or highlight with action replays.  


Continuing its participation in the IMF User Group, Tedial’s HYPER IMF maintains its position as the singular end-to-end IMF workflow adding value to each customer with unique and new features. These include component-based assets with multi-resolution MPEG-Dash streaming and end-to-end IMF workflows with third-party systems integrations. Deployment options include on local premises, in a public or private cloud with native S3 management, or in a hybrid cloud where heavy media manipulation can be completed on premises and the distribution and activities that require external access can be done in the cloud.


Tedial’s HYBRID-CLOUD solution architecture based on its innovative aSTORM storage management solution, leverages a mixed computing storage and services environment that combines the privacy and security of a private cloud with the scalability of a public cloud and enhances the orchestration among the various platforms and multiple sites. HYBRID-CLOUD offers broadcasters the ability to meet business objectives quickly while maintaining full control of media archives and costs and ensuring a low-risk transition into the cloud by moving the operation in-line with business needs.