Telebreeze OTT platform offers comprehensive coverage of the IPTV and OTT distribution pipeline. It is a spin-off on of  the world leading provider of components and software products for analysis, monitoring, encoding, decoding, and streaming digital video and audio data.

Telebreeze was founded in 2012 with the purpose of introducing the Telebreeze video platform as a special product set for IPTV/OTT business development and support services. The core of developers’ team didn’t change, the number of people and tasks are scaling each year.

The team profile includes:

·     IPTV/OTT platform development, with a transcoding solution, middleware platform, and client apps.

·     IPTV/OTT platform customization.

·     Integration of 3rd party services (billing, payment system, OSS/BSS, DRM, CDN).

·     Integration of TV boxes and new playback platforms.

·     Design and customization of UI/UX in client apps.

·     Project planning and calculation. Choosing hardware. Building a TV system architecture taking into account the individual factors of customer’s network.

·     Migration of end-users from legacy systems to Telebreeze platform.

·     Technical support and 24/7 automatic monitoring.

We make products that allow to manage content, users, server infrastructure, adapt data to different broadcast formats, make network load balancing, make money on subscriptions and advertising.

The OTT platform provides all necessary features for OTT operators and completely covers the OTT distribution from a video source to a subscriber. This includes: 
Video capturing from any source (DVB, IP, File archive)

·     A Middleware solution for operators, management of video streams and delivery of content

·     Adaptive video streaming to a wide range of devices

·     Support of 17 playback TV platforms

Telebreeze’s platform allows to build an IPTV/OTT network on an unlimited scale. Our team offers professional assistance in the setup and the configuring of a solution in your location, as well as training of the staff.