Wohler Technologies has been designing, manufacturing and supplying cost-effective audio and video confidence monitoring solutions to the broadcast and allied industries since 1983.

Today, Wohler offers audio-visual monitoring products that cover a wide range of professional and consumer broadcast signals and processing options, including 12G-SDI, MPEG, AoIP, VoIP, ST-2110, ST-2022, HDMI, AES3, Analog, MADI and others. Processing options include Dolby decoding, Dante and Ravenna.

Product ranges

iAM: 16 channel 1U & 2U IP and baseband audio and AV monitors, with both touchscreen and rotary control operation. Includes Wohler’s flagship models the iAM-12G-SDI, available with optional Dolby Atmos monitoring, and the iAM-VIDEO-2 with MPEG monitoring. Most iAM models include loudness and phase monitoring and all models are upgradeable/configurable with options, including Dante or Ravenna and a comprehensive range of SFPs offering multiple signal options. APIs are included for remote management.

iVAM: 16 channel 1U & 2U baseband and IP AV monitors with touchscreen and rotary control operation. With fast and easy monitoring of both audio and video, the iVAM range comes standard with dual 3G-SDI inputs, with loop out of the selected source and two analog inputs. License other signal formats when needed, initially or after purchase, including, AoIP, VoIP, ST-2110, ST-2022, AES3, Analog and MADI. Processing options include Dolby decoding, Dante and Ravenna and APIs are included for remote management.

AMP: Offers a wide range of 1U & 2U baseband audio and AV monitors with rotary controls and a choice of monitoring options from 2 to 16 channels. Dolby decoding available on some models.

RM Video Monitors: A range of in-rack multi-screen monitors from 2U to 5U with screen sizes from 4.3” to 10”. Also available are a range of single screen video monitors with screen sizes from 17” to 32”.