In light of the ongoing pandemic, the FTTH Council Europe has announced that this years FTTH Conference, scheduled for December 2nd – 3rd, will now be a virtual event.

The FTTH Council Europe will reschedule the physical FTTH Conference to September 21st-23rd 2021.

In a statement, the COuncil said: “We are confident that this decision, which has been taken in agreement with an overwhelming majority of our sponsors, will allow time for the coronavirus situation to improve and allow attendees and exhibitors to meet and network in an environment where social distancing measures will be more relaxed.”

Sharing details on the virtual conference, the Council added: “In 2020, through a new innovative ‘virtual’ conference platform, the FTTH Council Europe will provide an unparalleled knowledge hub of workshop and conference presentations plus virtual networking opportunities for anyone in the business of digital and fibre-enabled network technologies and services – all types of operators, policymakers, investors, vendors and many more – to connect,  network, discover new products, source information and do business.”

Registration for the 2020 virtual Conference will open in late September.

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